Tuesday, May 8, 2018

And the Winners Are...

Most of you voted on the Georgia Children's Picture Book Award, along with all the other students in Georgia and the book with the most votes was...

All the books on the nominated list got many votes! But this was the one the students of Georgia gave the most votes to. Ben Clanton will be at next year's conference to accept his award and I will make sure to see him and tell him how awesome we think his book is! This book as well as his hilarious narwhal comics.

This was the winner of the Georgia Book Award and I'll be seeing Alan Gratz at the conference next year as well! He wrote this and Refugee and Prisoner B-3087! Refugee is nominated for next year's award.

Speaking of the conference, here's some of the authors I met at this year's meeting!

I met Louis Sachar! Author of Fuzzy Mud; Holes; and the Sideways Stories from Wayside School books.

I met local author Laurel Snyder who wrote Orphan Island!

I met Grace Lin who wrote probably one of my favorite books ever, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!

And I met the winner of last year's Georgia Picture Book Award, Kelly DiPucchio who wrote the picture book Gaston!

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